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Patrick Reichel aka ReptileCynrik at deviantART

:pointr: Recent NEWS: October 22th, 2014

****"ART TRADES Round 3!"****


Though I still have quite a few class tests to correct I hereby announce the third round of ART TRADES! If you're wondering how I get to my trades, it's mostly through chats, notes and relationships. I don't hold any prejudices... but I don't do a trade with random people. Hopefully you understand. Also, the list may change if people decide to quit or to postpone the trade.


+ I will start with my part of the trade when your part is in progress or done!
+ About your part: you are free to draw what YOU want - as long as it fits to my fantasy universe!
+ If you want to know how my part of your trade might look like, just check the "ART TRADES" in my gallery!

Important note:

Please be informed that I always present the FULL list of art trades here! New art trades for the current round aren't possible, sorry. See you next time!

Thanks for reading! Take care and be well –


:spotlight-left: NEW ARTWORK UPLOADED:

"TRADE: Matt Valkyrie"

:spotlight-left: ART TRADES Round 3:

1.) :iconmmcallister88: CLASSIC ART TRADE [DONE]
2.) :iconrazenhashikado: CLASSIC ART TRADE (Birthday gift) [25%]
3.) :iconzerotolerance: CLASSIC ART TRADE [0%]
4.) :iconvector-yamazaki: CLASSIC ART TRADE (Sketch trade) [DONE]

I'm not open for new trades!!

:spotlight-left: MY ART STATUS:

1.) :iconmmcallister88: CLASSIC ART TRADE [DONE]
2.) :iconrazenhashikado: CLASSIC ART TRADE (Birthday gift) [5%]
3.) :iconzerotolerance: CLASSIC ART TRADE [0%]
4.) :iconvector-yamazaki: CLASSIC ART TRADE ( Line Art trade) [DONE]

"Heroes and Darkness" (Fantasy Soundtrack)…


:spotlight-left: STATUS ON COMMISSIONS, TRADES, etc.

I'm not doing commissions or any kind of requests!!

And I do art trades only on very rare and special occasions. Quality is NOT an important factor here. IF I agree to an art trade with you I insist that you do your part FIRST! I've made lots of bad experiences about this. Most people waited until I did my part (and I'm very fast and reliable!)... and then they didn't do their part. That's why you'd have to do your part first. I'm open for ART TADES when I have the time and new openings. As a matter of fact I'm open for a lot of different types of ART TRADES! Usually, I talk with the people via notes or emails and then we can discuss the matter carefully.


:spotlight-left: THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT ME...!

I'm not doing "personal memes" or "You-got-tagged-journals". But you are always free to write me a note or e-mail if you'd like to know anything about me! I don't bite.  :D  BUT I will not reply to these "Hello" or "What's up?" notes anymore. If you want to share a greeting, some thoughts or questions, you're free to do so... but I hate these "one-liners"!


:spotlight-left: Reptile Cynrik CHARACTER SHEET

Just in case you'd like to draw my character "Reptile"... here are some helpful character sheets which show his body and clothing:

STRONG BATTLE ARMOR (Breastplate version) and NUDE:…

LIGHT BATTLE ARMOR (Light version):…


:star: Good people who I've met in real life:


:star: Other good friends here at DA:


:star: I'm a PACK LEADER/CO-ADMIN of:

:iconall-crazy-reptiles: - Reptile, dragons, lizards... and everything with scales!
:iconanthro-dragon-feet: - Dragons, lizards and all kinds of anthro-scalies with pretty feet!
:icondragonsoldiers: - World of the scaled soldiers!
:iconworld-of-torronia: - The world of Torronia!
:icongerman-dragon-army: - Stories and art from the GDA!
:iconfallen-world: - Stories and art from the Wastelands!
:iconhazard-redmane: - Artwork about the Wasteland Pony HAZARD!

:star: I'm a part of very SPECIAL GROUPS:




:spotlight-left: My latest COMPLETE graphic novels:

"Star Trek - Freezing Storm / Reptile": Crossover
:pointr: Part I: Dark Menace…
:pointr: Part II: Balance of Power…

"Reptile: Circle of Doom"
:pointr: Complete Comic (German)…
:pointr: English Script PDF…
:pointr: English Script DOC…

"Reptile: Lord of Darkness"
:pointr: Complete Comic (German)…
:pointr: Complete Comic (English)…

:spotlight-left: My first published fantasy novel (250 pages)

Reptile - Der Kreis des Verderbens
Here you can find some information about my novel (German language). An excerpt from a chapter and several options to order the book --->…

MUSIC FROM RULUS - FREE MP3 (Instrumental Soundtrack)
:spotlight-left: Each song which I've composed can be downloaded in MIDI and Mp3 format --->…

:spotlight-left: You can finally order my most beloved hero Reptile and his evil nemesis Devon for yourself! 2 stunning and well known motives from my gallery have made it on a t-shirt - for you to own and to wear.
Check this out --->


Patrick Reichel
Current Residence: Winterberg, Germany
Favourite genre of music: Filmmusic and Epic Hollywood Metal (or something like that)
Favourite style of art: Traditional and PHOTOSHOP 7.0.1
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7
MP3 player: SONY Walkman
Favourite cartoon character: He-Man!!!
Personal Quote: Never give up hope!


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RazenHashikado Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Just wanted to say friendly greetings here and as well hopefully we can chatter soon again, I'm needing some rough treatment to get myself off from gaming too much, need to get more back to art.  hope you might like my newest sketch work again though...  I need to do more work on these! ^^"
MMcAllister88 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014   Artist
Found you here too bro~ ;]
Lung-Qin-Mei Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Hi Lizard, how are you, are you well? And what's new? I am sorry that just the one page takes me too long.
ReptileCynrik Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Hi hi hi ^^

Don't worry, I'm super busy with class tests and work, anyway.   :p
Take your time and take care. 
Lung-Qin-Mei Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
hmmm and you are a teacher or a student? :D I am bed at English, for example: (nevim jak se řekne přítomný čas prostý) and it is gonna get worse. Thank you, you too. Take care! ^-^
ReptileCynrik Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
I am a school teacher!   :-)
(1 Reply)
Jukogenas Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It says that the "circle of doom" is not translated...yet.
Does the "yet" mean you're on it? or that you have someone on it? Or that you would like to get to either of those?
Don't misunderstand me; I'm from Germany, so it's all the same to me.
However, I was thinking that if I ever were to buy and read the book, which I am thinking about, I would rather do so in English.
If that seems strange to you, ask me about it.


P.S. I (rather merrily, I admit) noticed German uses of ',' in your English text. Now if you don't care about those mistakes, I won't bother you with them, but if you do I will be happy to point them out in a PM. The thing is I'm currently proof-reading something for someone else, and so I couldn't help but notice.
ReptileCynrik Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014

Well... this novel won't get translated any time soon. I really don't have the time for this.
But thanks for the comment and your offer about the grammar... it's alright.
When I wrote this text my expertise about the English language hasn't been too well. It's better these days... I guess.
I gotta change and optimise the text,  though... thank you for pointing it out. 
redwallfanforever Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Wait, you have a novel out there? Don't think it ever occurred to me that you had one.

Btw I'm impressed at your sprite work for the Champions Of Rulus idea. Even though it would be very hard for you to make a fighting game with all those characters, there might be an easier alternative. Can give you a video link to show you what I mean if you have some free time.
ReptileCynrik Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Yes, I've published a novel in 2003.  ^_^

Thanks. I also love the concept of this game... because I love the good old 2D fighting games.
And believe me... it WOULD be possible. But I really don't have the manpower or time.   XD
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